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  • Venilil puppies are born and reared in our own house having all the necessary care needed to grow into healthy and happy youngsters.


  • They are ready to leave from our home at 8 weeks, after we have strictly chosen the future owner(s), so that we make sure they will have a well deserved, happy life.


  • Puppies parents are tested for FN & prcd-PRA diseases or they are clear by parentage. None of our litters has ever produced an affected dog and we strive to make sure that there will never be one, as long as it is possible from us.


  • Their tails are never docked since it’s prohibited in Greece and we prefer to see them fully wagging at all times!


  • We do NOT breed puppies for business/money. This is obvious since we rarely have a litter, perhaps once every 2-3 years when we want to keep a puppy for ourselves. Having a litter is a great responsibility which takes a lot of time, effort and it should be taken seriously and at heart, at least that’s how it works in our kennel.


  • Venilil puppies are always de-wormed, vaccinated and microchiped before leaving home, fully experienced to sights and sounds of a normal household and registered at the Greek Kennel Club, where you will receive their official 4 generation pedigree.



For more information & questions, please contact us in person.