• D.O.B - D.O.D: 23.05.2001 - 21.02.2012
  • SEX: Male
  • COLOR: Blue Roan and Tan
  • PET NAME: Oliver
  • HEALTH: FN normal/clear, prcd-PRA carrier
  • BREEDER: Mr & Mrs M & R Strike & Mrs. J.L Carey (Of Ware - UK)
  • OWNER: Venilil Kennel
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  • Awards: 1x BVISS, 2x BVIB, 1CC, 4RCC, BJIS 3rd, 2BJIB



Oliver had the most wonderful character we had ever seen on a cocker spaniel or any breed.He simply loved everyone and everything! Fully devoted to every single member in the family, playful and energetic yet quite, loving and peaceful nature,with the kindest of hearts. Through Oliver we actually got to know the breed very deep...and there is simply no reason to explain why.


"Of Ware's" have gained and maintained an unequalled position in the breed throughout the world. Upwords to 100 Champions have been owned or bred in these Kennels. 550 Challenge Certificates won by the "Of Ware's" and their progeny since 1922. 6x B.I.S at Crufts with three different cockers.


We feel honoured that we had a small "piece" of the breed's history in our home. Words like "Thank you" are not enough to express how greatful we are to Mrs. J. Lloyd Carey for trusting us Oliver. It may sound a little bit cliche that our life wouldn't be the same without Oliver, but its true. Every day, for 11 years, we were looking at him...his melting expression and incredible character reminded us of the reason why we love the English Cocker Spaniels so much.


On 21.02.2012 we had to say the last goodbye to our one and only, precious boy.

We had never thought that this cruel day would come so soon and the pain we feel is simply unbearable to be described in words.



Oliver was a very special dog for our whole family and small kennel.

Everyone that had the honor to meet him knows why. For us, he was not "just" a pet. He was our best friend, our teacher, the "reason" we loved Cockers even more, a "piece of history" that runs in our breeding lines, father of 23 puppies and a grandfather. He might not have been a Champion or a multi winner but he had qualities very few people could recognize and appreciate which

- by very far - worth more than a champion title.


Each time we loose a dog it feels like they take a piece of our heart with them,

and nothing will ever fill that "hole" no matter what.


The only comfort right now is, knowing that he is not in any further pain and

that he is somewhere up in the sky with his best friend Oscar guarding us.


We want to thank him, for everything that he unconditionally gave to us all these years

- most importantly, for leaving behind his progeny where we can look into their eyes and see Oliver "alive" again...




You will be deeply missed and never EVER forgotten.


We will always love you xxx